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Socca – 3 Ingredient Chickpea Pancakes


Chickpea pancakes, also called socca, are naturally gluten-free, easy to make, 3 ingredient-only pancakes. They are crispy and golden brown on the bottom but soft and packed with flavor on top. These socca pancakes are especially good because you can add various toppings and have a delicious meal with only a few simple ingredients.

chickpea pancakes with arugula and tomato toppings

Gluten-Free Chickpea Pancakes also called Socca (or Farinata)

Chickpea pancakes, also called Socca or Farinata, is a famous chickpea pancake in France and Italy. They can be found as popular street food in Nice, France, and Genoa, Italy. They are usually served in a cone and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

The traditional version is baking these pancakes in an open wood oven, but people have developed different ways of cooking them over the years. Unlike the baking process, the batter always remains the same. It is prepared with only three ingredients: chickpea (gram/besan), flour, water, and olive oil.

The open wood oven gives a great result, but not everyone has this type of oven at home. That’s why I am sharing my simple method for making these vegan socca pancakes in the comfort of your home. And only with pan-frying the pancakes to get the closest result possible.

Although these socca crepes taste delicious with a pinch of salt and pepper, I like to add different toppings and have a full meal out of these pancakes. For breakfast, they go great with a big glass of yogurt, homemade hummus, or guacamole. My favorite topping is this cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad in the summer, and a healthy socca pizza is always one of my go-to’s.

What goes into this recipe?

ingredients for chickpea pancakes

batter: chickpea (gram/besan) flour – can be found in large grocery stores or health food stores, and it is made from dry garbanzo chickpeas; water – room temperature, olive oil;
spices: salt and pepper, dried thyme and rosemary;
toppings: fetta and greek yogurt or hummus, tomatoes, arugula balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper;

How to make chickpea pancakes?

Add the chickpea flour in a bowl and slowly start pouring room temperature water while whisking until all the water is incorporated with the flour and you get a smooth batter.
Leave the batter to rest for at least 15 minutes to 1h.

On a pancake pan or cast iron pan, add olive oil and turn the heat on high. Once the oil gets hot, swirl the pan a little bit so the oil can get on all sides of the pan.

Add the batter, then quickly add the spies on top. Fry for 2-3 minutes. Flip the pancake on the other side and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

chickpea pancake batter

Different toppings:

  • If you have some ripe avocados, making simple guacamole sauce would be a perfect topping or dip to add to the chickpea pancakes. Plus, some nicely chopped tomatoes and arugula would complement this flatbread perfectly with a little bit of salt and olive oil on top.
  • Making a gluten-free pizza using the pancake as the base is a delicious option when you crave something healthy, but quick and simple pizza. You can bake the pancake as shown in the recipe, then add the pizza toppings: sauce, mozzarella, and olive oil, and bake for another 5 minutes with the same oven settings you had baking the pancake.
  • Something slightly different from these two flavors above is these tandoori sweet potato socca pizzas.

Quick Notes:

  • Often there’s confusion between different types of chickpea flour. There is besan flour (split chickpea flour) and gram(yellow gram chickpeas). They are both referred to as chickpea flour, so whatever you choose for this recipe would work.
  • The one thing that may vary is the amount of water you have to use. It depends from flour to flour, and brand to brand, sometimes it’s possible that you need to add a little bit more water.
  • I recommend using a pancake pan or cast-iron skillet to get the closest result to the wood oven baking. But as a replacement, you can use any other nonstick pan.
  • Preheat and fry somewhere between medium to high temperature. This way, we can achieve the same result as baking and get golden brown and crunchy pancakes in no time.
  • Also, flipping the pancake on the other side is necessary so you can get a fully cooked pancake on both sides.
  • If you leave the batter to reset for more than 15 minutes, cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap
chickpea pancakes with greek yogurt

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Gluten-Free 3 Ingredient Chickpea Pancakes

Gluten-free and delicious socca – chickpea pancakes prepared with only 3 ingredients, including water.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Appetizers, Sides
Cuisine: French, Italian
Servings: 4 servings



  • 200g (2cups) chickpea flour
  • 200g (3/4cup) water
  • 20g (4tbsp) olive oil for frying
  • 1 tsp salt


  • 1 tsp dried rosemary
  • 1tsp dried thyme
  • 100g hummus, or feta (olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper)
  • plus 50g full fat greek yogurt
  • 2 handfuls of arugula
  • 100g tomatoes
  • 50g feta cheese
  • salt, pepper to taste
  • olive oil and balsamic reduction


  • In a large bowl, add the flour, then slowly start pouring the room temperature water to the flour while continually whisking until the batter is smooth and all the flour is hydrated.
  • Leave the batter to rest anywhere from 15minutes to 1h.
  • Once the batter has rested add the salt and mix again, preheat a pancake pan or cast-iron skillet with around 2-3tbsp of olive oil over high heat.
  • When the olive oil is hot, swirl the pan a little bit so the oil can cover the bottom of the pan.
  • Add the 100g (around 1/2 cup) of the batter to the pan and fry for 3-4 minutes on each side or until golden brown and crunchy on the outside. Continue until you use all the butter.
  • Take it out of the heat. Enjoy it as it is or add toppings.
  • Add hummus, or in a food processor add the feta cheese, greek yogurt, lemon, salt, pepper, and mix until smooth.
  • Spread it over the socca pancakes or add use it as a dip on the chickpeas.
  • Add arugula on the bottom, cut some fresh tomatoes and sprinkle them on top as well.
  • Season with olive oil, salt, and balsamic reduction.


  • I believe that the ideal thickness for these pancakes is 100g of the batter to 24cm (9inch) pancake or cast iron. You can add more or less butter depending on your past iron or pancake pan.
  • sometimes depending on the flour, you may need to add 10-15% more water because some flour needs more moisture than others
  • because this cooking method is not to bake these chickpea pancakes, having your heat somewhere between the medium and high temperature would be crucial to get the same result as baking.
  • also, flipping the pancake on the other side is necessary to get even baking on both sides
  • I also recommend having your spices measured and mixed so you can add them quickly after pouring the batter into the pan, and they will get absorbed in the mixture. Otherwise, they can get stuck on the top and burn while frying.
  • Make sure you preheat the olive oil well, and the oil is spread on all sides of the pan to get even baking.
  • If you leave the batter to rest for more than 15 minutes, cover it with a lid or plastic foil.

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