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About Me

Hey, hey! Welcome to my blog! My name is Emilia, and it’s very nice to see you made it here! I started this blog a year ago with the desire and passion to share my favorite recipes with you and make my
dream blogging job come true.

My cooking journey 

Cooking was something that I enjoyed since I was a little girl. One of my favorite activities was playing with dough and my mini rolling pin. And the least favorite one was washing the dishes and tidying the mess that I’ve created.
Throughout the years, my love and passion for cooking have grown up even more. Especially when I started living independently, I had even a bigger reason to level up my cooking skills. I was spending hours and hours in the kitchen, creating, testing, developing new healthier versions of my favorite recipes.

More about my recipes

My favorite cuisine is Mediterranean, and the recipes you will find here are mostly Mediterraneanean. There sre some 30-minute recipes like this Lemon Rice Soup, Mediterranean Hummus Pasta, for those that want something quick but healthy and delicious. And some longer ones you can prepare if you’d love to spend some additional time in the kitchen, like this Roasted Vegetable Medley.

I like my recipes fresh, seasonal, healthy, and to be honest, sometimes prepared with a little bit more cheese than it needs (cheese lovers – you are in the right place).


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Thank you for stopping by, and I hope my tasty dishes would help you bring some fresh and creative ideas to your day-to-day cooking routine.